Products guarantee for 543 days

Undoubtedly, one of the important features for consumers in buying home and kitchen appliances is guarantee. Therefore, we provided 18 months guarantee for our products to eliminate this concern. NASA ELECTRIC's after sales services team tries to help the consumers to buy without any concerns.

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After sales services guarantee for 1820 days

NASA ELECTRIC's after sales services has committed to provide the needed consumable pieces for 5 years. Fortunately, it has been proven for NASA's loyal consumers during more than 10 years of honest service.

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200 products with best Qualities We are honored to have most Complete collection of Appliences in Iran
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About Nasa Electric

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Nasa electric, manufacturer of equipment and utensils has several years of experience in international markets. Iran's market is one of the most leading markets of Nasa electric that is trying to meet the needs of Iranian families in the best way and best price.

All our efforts as a company with experience of presence in Iran's market and Iranian families is to meet the needs more and better and to improve the quality of products and to give services to Iranian families. In this regard, Nasa electric, honestly accepts your suggestions and criticisms with heart and soul. Please help us in delivering more services and products with your comments

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