About Nasa Electric

NASA Electric Company started its activity in 1995.

This group initially started its import activities with Iraq, United Arab Emirates and China. And it has expanded in world trade with highly experienced expert personnels.

Expanding its presence in the domestic market by promoting trade development, giving services to the customers and their satisfaction are the main goals of the company.

This company has been developing a powerful CRM system to develop its trade activities and meet customers needs in its products.

Using the website of NASA Electric Company you can access the latest market conditions and coordinate with us and also meet your trade needs by us.

NASA Electric Company is a home appliance importer and it is active in various volume in the scope of this brand.

The company always leads to customers satisfaction by eliminating the intermediaries in the supply of goods at reasonable prices by official agencies.

By studying the history and resume of this company you can find out the origin and extent of its services and accept us as a reliable consultant.

NASA Electric company is one of the most active and reputed importers with all official licenses.

Coordinated management experienced and expert staffs, strong connections and information by moving along the path of latest laws and regulations about imports and trade development have enabled the company to complete and implement any trade activities in shortest possible time.

With a customer oriented goal, NASA Electric company is always ready to start or continue its joint activities.

Our ultimate goal is your goal. Our company has the experience of presence in the Iranian market along with Iranian families and all of our efforts are to meet the needs more and better and improve the quality of our products and services to our Iranian families. We are proud to add you to our big customer group.

Nasa Electric
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