Warranty terms of NASA ELECTRIC products
Important tips and warranty terms:

Appliance warranty is just for repairing by authorized agencies and it will become invalid if repairing be done by unauthorized agents
Warranties without Iranians services center's seal and serial number are invalid
Warranty is exclusive and non-transferable

The payment for repairs and price of consumable parts must be paid during warranty

Guarantee services just include the defects that are created by normal function (by detection of technical unit's specialists) is created
Any scratches on the serial, date of produce and the model of device are caused warranty become invalid
Out of warranty cases:

Defects arising from non-normative use, negligence, power fluctuations, building wiring defects, non-normative transport, natural factors, fire, is not included in the guarantee
The body of the device, decorative and consumable items are not included in the guarantee
All related costs in the cases that repairs are not included in warranty will be received from consumer
Dear subscriber, get your device from the seller without defect, otherwise Iranian services center has no responsibility
You must keep the purchase invoice and guarantee card during the guarantee period
Services and Support phone number of IRANIAN SERVICE company